Saturday, May 22, 2010

stump / the lOST sANITY dEVICE - untitled ep#4 (2010)


untitled ep#4 is up for stream and download and vinyl pre-order.
let me know if you want a free download code and i'll give you one...

listen with an open mind.


untitled ep#4
stump / the lOST sANITY dEVICE

download or pre-order vinyl ($4) / share

Thursday, May 20, 2010

jeff klein - death to the fox (2010)

<a href="">Like Leads To Lonely by Jeff Klein</a>
ep: listen (dig-$6) / myspace / bandsite

download this ep to help jeff on his uk tour by the end of the month and i'll give you a $2 off coupon for any order good for a year.

Monday, May 10, 2010

mfrench - digital tapehiss ep volume 1 (2010)

free digital download or pre-order vinyl at cost:
<a href="">ghost copilot by pork records of n.e. ohio</a>
free download / listen / pre-order 12" one-sided ep + cd / myspace

"i think if elliott smith were still alive and you threw him in a room with anton newcombe and locked them in there with some basic instruments, a malfunctioning four-track tascam cassette mini-studio, and a crappy computer for a mixdown deck then told them they couldn't have their next fix until they came up with something nice that everyone could enjoy... this would be the little masterpiece they'd come up with before the withdrawl symptoms kicked in."

listen with an open mind.


p.s. 12" vinyl+bonus cd is on pre-sale for $4 plus there will another ep on the b-side after the pre-sale is over and when that's announced the price goes up to $6 dollars.
get one while they're at cost... the presale's only for the first 100 copies of a limited 250 press... thanks anyone who orders... bonus cd has digital tapehiss vol.2 and 1 and also two other eps and all orders also come with a free sampler cd too...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

donate to the autism society and get a new boyracer song at the same time...


jen turrell and stewart anderson of boyracer/555 recordings of flagstaff, az are raising some money for autism... please show your support and toss a buck in the jar and get a free song while yr at it too... they've been having it hard running the ranch and keeping their d.i.y. label up and running over the past few, and recently found out.... well i'll use their words.

quote from the boyracer webpage:

April is Autism Awareness month, we thought we would share this song with you. As some of you may know, our daughter Tallulah, nearly 3, was recently diagnosed as autistic. Any monies from the download of this song will go to the Austism Society Of America.

Let Me Hear Your Voice

donate and download / share

thanks anyone who donates.


(click me) (ASA benefit page)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

out of order... and back in business.

i won't be making any posts for a long time... too busy making cds and promo records for people... - or my personal stuff... -

things i really got into lately were the film 'visioneers'... which is a really good film starring zach galifianakis and judy greer about an alternate reality where people explode when they get stressed out too much... and not blow up emotionally... i mean explode as in kaboom... it's a great movie and in comedic by being completely serious... you have to see it to understand... it's such a good movie... music? there's this duo of girls, one of which used to be in/still in? (the) giants of gender improv group, which make really interesting indie folk tunes... after owl... look'em up on myspace they're good... there's this band called, dead cinema which i really liked their new album anlong with their releated projects for aio records, which are: susurrus station, pikara, and nigh chaparral... i got a bunch of 555 stuff i've been spinning the hell out of along with a dead c double vinyl i stumbled across at the exchange for 5 bucks and it was still new (sells for 65 on discogs!?)

breaking bad kicked ass as always... started watching the a simple man film but fell asleep from exhaustion during it... hte film was good so far but i was way too pooped to make it through... been overplaying the new nick sundman ep which i can't get enough of and which i'm also trying to help get pressed on vinyl (pre-orders are $4 at - that's the pre-sale price and it'll have another ep by another band on the b-side and when that's set the price goes up to six... so get the split 12" double ep for four dollars while you still can!) same with the new mimes of wine album and a bunch more.

i've been listening to a lot of new albums i can't leak yet either.

but visit the myspace and the bandcamps... i need all the support i can get in making the record company grow strong.

so this blog is out of order until further notice.
visit and for some new stuff or flip through my blog subscriptions on the bottom of the sidebar for good places to go for music.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

555 shared files removed from the file pile.

out of personal respect for all the wonderful and amazing work done by 555 recordings of flagstaff, az/boyracer in the past... i've removed all their files and the boyracer ones from the file pile at put them back in my private collection... i'll still be posting up some audio streamers of stuff they've put on the web in place... but all links are removed and the files are blocked from download... most of their releases are wonderfully hand screened small runs... so get'em while you can.


&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;MYTTY ARCHER the life you wanna live by Boyracer&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

Monday, May 3, 2010

spring 2010 sampler ep1.

free sampler download or 12"+cd at cost:

<a href="">spring 2010 sampler ep1 by pork records of n.e. ohio</a>
free digital download / $5 for 12"+cd of choice

Saturday, May 1, 2010

boyracer /que possum - boyracer que possum (2k8)

split 7" ep

myspace (br)

boyracer  <a href="">faith seeds by Boyracer</a>  <a href="">final day by Boyracer</a>  <a href="">dark wave by Boyracer</a>
que possum "unrested"  <a href="">QUE POSSUM unrested by Boyracer</a>

if you're not into the projects that are going on over at 555 recordings of flagstaff, az... now is an excellent time to check them out... they just recently added some more excellent 7" eps to their catalog... a lot of the older ones are sold out now but there are still plenty and they have a get any five 7" eps for 15 dollars special... which is well worth it and some of the best little eps i've added to my collection in a long time - i have all the ones they have for sale and a lot more and i'd add them to the file pile but i think i'm gonna pass on the vinyl rips and leave it up to a few streamers of some of the songs i found... maybe i'll upload if they all sell out but they're not expensive and a lot of hand assembling and screening love went into them (some even glow in the dark - the coolest is the glowing cat on the kristen mess ep) so no file pile files... so buy some and show yr support - they make really great lps and eps and are worth double of every penny spent or more... to me - they're priceless gems - you can have the diamonds, i just want the beautifully hand-packaged vinyl collection.

Friday, April 30, 2010

thee oh sees - warm slime (2010)

(in the file pile)

bye bye slsk...

i've said bye bye to the leechers at slsk who don't share anything good in return most of the time anyways or chat back when i send'em file pile links... grab and run and no thanks... bunch of suckers killing my speeds... but, if you're on dial-up and want something because your speeds are too slow to handle a .rar download from the file pile... let me know what you want and i'll flick it on for you to get something... sorry to those that come here due to when i used to leave it on 24 hours a day but almost everything is in the file pile here too... plus i'm doing a cleaning of the hard drive tomorrow to make room for the new releases and promo stuff for the record company so everything'll be pretty vacant in my music collection and convert files folder anyways... but if you are on dial-up i'll set up a folder for you and throw whatever you want to borrow in it and turn on slsk if you ask me to because i know what it's like to be stuck in the slow slow lane and be a music addict at the same time... just e-mail me or message me on myspace and let me know and i'll pull it from my massively overwhelming pile of cdrs and dvdrs filled with music.


sparklehorse - distorted ghost (2k)



the title to this amazing ep is kind of creepy now that mark has passed on his own terms... hearing him sing out, "all i wanted was to be a happy man" holds a lot more meaning when you're gone... but now it's too late to help and there's nothing anyone can do about it but enjoy all the legacy of great compositions left behind... and be assholes and up the price of an ep to 20 bucks or so minimum on amazon when they used to sell for around seven before he killed himself... the music is priceless... that's why it's...        (in the file pile)



Thursday, April 29, 2010

suzuka + fer mercadal - simple: "you the next / busca" (2k9)

myspace (fm/sz)
bandsite (fm/sz)

beatnik filmstars + boyracer - "hospital song"

<a href="">hospital song (Beatnik Filmstars + Boyracer) by Boyracer</a>

two of my favorite bands on the same track equals one really good song... click the play triangle to listen or the 'i' for more info.

white stripes - de stijl (2k)


i'm sure you all own or know this album by now... but if you don't, maybe you should.

extraordinary measures (2010)

imdb / moviesite / buy / torrentz

you ever get it when you can't remember the names of an actor or an actress?

situation: loud guy from the other side of the breakroom is having a conversation with an older lady who pretends she's interested in what he's saying... but you can tell she really doesn't care.

"so encino man's grown up and something fucked up in his prehistoric d.n.a. causes his kids to have a degenerative muscle disease when he mates with felicity (that girl from eight days a week with the nipples) so he goes in the future to find han solo who's now this mad cap doctor with some mad theories who can't keep his inner indiana jones under control and almost screws everything up... but they work together to get get a bunch of business yuppies and scientist dudes to pay for their secret lab to make special medicine but they're gonna get shut down so then they go to the other drug dealers enterprise and then they get that guy that trained the pretender, you know, who you always hear saying, "jared", in his weird accent that was that blind guy in the carnivale show with that backwards dancing midget-dwarf dude from twin peaks with the funky jazz music... you know who i'm talkin'bout? but anyways, then that mummy guy thinks it's a good idea to steal the drugs after they're only giving it to babies and not the big kids and then well... it was really sad and happy and if i tell you anymore i'll probably spoil the ending... better go my break's over..."

loud guy leaves the break room and goes back to work. older lady rubs her temples like she was just fed a migraine through her ears and thinks about how she should move all the extra chairs away from her before she sits down for her break. the two straight guys on the opposite side of the room that everyone in the factory thinks are homosexuals because they spend all their free time together stop sipping their coffee mugs and strike up a conversation.

"did he just say there's a new indiana jones flick with a midget sidekick?"

"all i heard is keri russel's nipples and brendan fraser's making acid with harrison ford and selling it to kids."

"sounds good... wanna go see it before we hit the bar after we get paid friday?"

"sure. why not."